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Titles Earned by the KnightDrmz Goldens






Sweet Chocolate Casey III, UDX, NAJ (Oct. 1994 - Dec. 2006)

Casey was my first performance dog. I had never done obedience before but with a labrador retriever -- it is a necessity.

Casey was eager to please -- and although I never wanted to compete -- the Judge handed me that first place blue ribbon and I am showing still - 15 years later. Casey was my heart  -- she never had the first agility lesson - but when I took her in the ring (at the age of 9) and asked her to do a course- she happily complied getting first place ribbons along the journey.

Casey wanted to please - and when the concept clicked -- there was no stopping her. She left us in December 2006 and we miss her still.


Moonlight's Hot Chili Pepper (Sept. 1999 - June 2005)

Salsa had eyes to melt your heart - and tried so hard to please. She was my second Moonlight dog - co-owned by Joanna and my son. Salsa developed medical problems which I was able to control for a while - but I loved her enough to let her go when it was time.






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